Dec 27
Interview with Whulandary

How did you get into modeling?

Encouraged by my mother, I started modeling when I was 4 years old. I took to it like a fish takes to water as I loved being on stage. I continued modeling seriously into my teens and finally won Miss Universe Indonesia in 2013.


What has been your greatest achievement?

For a long time - 10 years to be specific, Indonesian contestants did not reach the semi-finals of Miss Universe, so I was really proud when I finally managed to break the drought in 2013 by reaching the top 15 of Miss Universe in Russia.


Who is your inspiration?

I try to find inspiration from everyone I come into contact with. During the last few years, especially since I won Miss Universe, I have had the chance to meet so many women from all walks of life who are strong-willed and have a great drive to succeed. In my own family, I grew up being inspired by my mother and my grandmother. They were very independent and determined women who always encouraged me to work hard and determine my own future. They ingrained a go-getter mentality in me and till today, I never wait for anything to happen by chance; If I want something, I get up and work hard to get it. 


Do you have any diet or beauty tips?

For me, beauty is about being happy with myself. In an industry where I am constantly being judged against others, I would go crazy if I were to worry about how I could be perfect in every single aspect. We just have to face the truth where no one is perfect but instead, embrace our imperfections. For example, I used to fret about how my skin was too brown and wanted to be fairer, but now, I embrace my own beautiful skin color, and market it as one of my unique features.


How do you find the model industry in Indonesia?

The modeling industry in Indonesia is highly competitive - The local scene is very active and we have many foreign talents to compete against. To paint you a picture of how active the scene is every month in Indonesia there are fashion week competitions within Jakarta and also among the other secondary cities. In these events, we have to be competitive against numerous international talent from countries such as Poland, Russia and Uzbekistan.


What do you think it takes to become a successful model?

To be successful, one has to have a great attitude and be a team-player. Modeling is not an individual performance. It takes the effort of a lot of people, including photographers, make up artists, to create great pieces of art. As a model, you have to get your team to like you as you need everyone to be pulling in the same direction to achieve success. 


Would you consider moving to Dubai to expand your modeling career?

Yes, I would love the challenge of being in a new place and especially in Dubai, where I have heard so much about the various fashion weeks around the region. I also love the Middle East as I like the food and have also lived in Egypt before when I was a student.




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